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12 September, 2018

At Markham Smile Centre, your optimal overall health is our first priority. Our highly-trained professionals and state-of-the-art technologies allow us to provide you with comprehensive dental care all in one location. We offer the best family, emergency and cosmetic dentistry. Check our mentions online and ...

How Local Dentistry Can Identify Underlying Health Issues
7 September, 2018 General Dentistry,

Most people understand that local dentists in Markham can diagnose a number of dental issues with a simple examination. What they may not realize is that dental professionals also recognize underlying health issues that are not directly connected with current dental problems. At other times ...

What Are the Benefits of Being Sedated at The Dentist?
31 August, 2018 Sedation Dentistry,

Sedation dentistry is an approach designed to help the patient and the dental professional. Depending on the nature of the procedure, the right approach to sedation offers benefits that would not be possible otherwise. If you are planning on having some dental work done soon ...

I Need a Filling - Are There Different Kinds, Which is Right for Me?
15 August, 2018 General Dentistry,

One or more of your teeth have cavities. The good news is that the tooth decay is not so advanced that you will end up losing the teeth. Now the focus is on deciding what type of filling would be best in your case. Many ...

Why Non-Surgical Gum Therapy Is The Best Bet For Those With Odontophobia
30 July, 2018 Gum Therapy,

Even people who practice excellent dental hygiene can develop some type of gum infection. This can be especially difficult for people who suffer with a condition known as odontophobia. Defined as a fear of dental surgery, a patient suffering with this disorder will find going ...

If You Want To Be A Winner, Change Your Emergency Dental Deal!

One of the smartest moves you ever made was to start seeing a dentist who also offers emergency services. Knowing that you are already set up in the event you need emergency care is the first step to putting together a great emergency dental deal ...

5 Ways That the Right Approach to Dental Financing Makes a Difference For You and Your Dentist
18 July, 2018

Hearing that you need a dental procedure as quickly is possible can be scary. When you don’t have insurance and there are no financial reserves to draw upon, you may be tempted to delay the procedure as long as possible. A better choice is ...

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