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Dental Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

Did you know that your teeth have hollow centres? The pulp of your teeth can be found in this area. Pulp consists of nerves and blood vessels. Blood vessels are important for providing oxygen and essential nutrients to your teeth and nerves are needed to make sure that your teeth can sense feeling.

Injuries can damage your teeth. Whether you’ve had a car accident or a hard blow to your head, a cracked tooth can make your pulp more susceptible to damage. Tooth decay can also put the living tissue of your teeth at risk for lasting damage. Harmful bacteria can break through the outer covering of your teeth and this causes an open cavity to form in the tooth.

If you do nothing to stop tooth decay, it could continue toward the root of your tooth where the pulp is located and this process can lead to irreversible inflammation. The tooth can then become infected and usually an abscess forms. Abscesses can cause extreme discomfort and if you don’t get the infection taken care of, it could spread further into the surrounding tissues.

If the pulp of one of your teeth is damaged or if it becomes infected, you will require root canal treatment.

Root canal treatment explained

Root canal treatment is a dental treatment that is used to repair teeth that are severely damaged. During the treatment, the pulp is removed and thereafter, the tooth is disinfected. A filling is placed into the empty cavity and lastly, the area gets sealed.

Is it painful to get root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment has a reputation of being really painful. However, in truth, it does not hurt that much at all. In fact, people who have experienced root canal treatment compare it to having a normal filling placed. Which is not painful at all.

Root canal treatment can be very successful!

At Markham Smile Centre our experienced team would be glad to help you with any concerns you have about your root canal treatment!

Dental Root Canal Treatment

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