Dental Implants

Benefits of Dental Implants:

They are an affordable, permanent way to restore the function and appearance of your teeth

The allow us to restore your teeth quickly, with minimal discomfort and often in just one appointment.

They allow you to eat the foods you want and smile with complete confidence.

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What is a Dental Implant?

Dental implants are a prevalent and effective way to replace missing teeth in a way that blends in with your other teeth. They are a long-term solution as they are meant to last a lifetime, and have been labeled as the biggest advancement in the last 40 years within the dental industry.

In simple terms, a dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is anchored into your jaw to hold a replacement tooth in place. New dental implant technology has allowed us to provide a permanent tooth replacement option that is affordable & reliable.

Dental implants can also be used to support the replacement of multiple missing teeth with permanent bridges or implant supported dentures. Implants can provide a comfortable alternative to dentures that are ill-fitting, removable, partial and/or complete. This type of restoration is sustainable, secure, and looks, feels and functions naturally.

One of the great benefits about dental implants is that there is little to no discomfort post procedure. Since it is a same-day surgery, healing time is reduced dramatically, and you can reap the benefits of your new teeth almost instantaneously.

Traditional methods, such as dentures and other tooth replacement technologies are quickly becoming a thing of the past, thanks to implant technology. Whether you are thinking about replacing a tooth for the first time or hoping to replace existing dentures, dental implants could be the solution you are looking for. Contact the Markham Smile Centre for more information and a chance to meet with our experienced dentists to discuss dental implants for you!

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Everyone here is very friendly and provides excellent care. I received a full exam on my first visit, and everyone took time to answer my questions and ensured I felt comfortable the entire time - exactly what you want when visiting the dentist. I highly recommend Markham Smile Centre for anyone looking for great dental care.


There is an ample parking space before you get into the office. The receptionists welcome us friendly with proper COVID-19 procedures in place. The staff worked with patient very patiently and professionally. My teeth cleaning was done by Ying, she explained every detail to me and I did not feel any pain or uncomfortable at all. Thanks to the best team !


It's been a while since I've been to a dentist but I'm trying to get back on track with health in general. Overall it was great going to Markham Smile Centre! The receptionist (I believe she was Kim) was friendly. The hygienist, Ying, was attentive and gentle during the cleaning; x-ray tech (forgot her name, sorry!) was great too. Dr. Sara Riad explained things with good detail. Looking forward to going back!


I was someone who was nervous and anxious about visiting the dentist, but the team at Markham Smile Centre has made me feel SO comfortable. Kim is so patient and helpful and Dr. Hwang and Rory are both so professional and wonderful. They thoroughly explain the procedure to make you comfortable beforehand and are very gentle. I now look forward to visiting the dentist!


I found this place on a whim when I was looking for a new dentist in Markham. My hygienist ying was super nice and her cleaning was very gentle yet thorough. I saw Dr.Jason and he was very nice and informative in regards to what needs to be done and provided me with all the information I needed to make a choice. Would recommend this place to anyone looking for a new dentist, they’re accepting new patients!!


I have been to many dentists in my life, Dr. Jason is easily the best dentist I have ever been too. He does everything he can to make you comfortable no matter the procedure and is a true professional, as does all the staff at Markham Smile Centre. Truly an amazing dentistry


The clinic was clean and the staff was very polite. I particularly liked the fact that everything was explained to me before going in for the procedure so I knew what to expect at each step. The dental hygienist who did the cleaning for me was also very gentle and took my concerns into consideration. I will definitely recommend them.


Upon arriving to the Markham Smile Centre, my son and I were greeted with a warm welcome by the receptionists. The hygienists and Dentist were very gentle and transparent with what they were doing. The hygienist that worked on my 9 year old son was patient and very friendly with him, which helped ease his nerves. Our overall experience was A+.


Since I was little, I have always hated going to the dentist... Its always uncomfortable and unpleasant. These days, visiting the dentist isn’t so bad! Dr Jason, Rory, and the lovely staff at reception make the experience 100x better. I have had absolutely no issues with the gum graft and cleanings that I’ve gotten done here. Everyone is incredibly friendly and helpful, even when I’m calling in or emailing a hundred questions :). I would highly recommend Markham Smile Centre.


Love this place! All the staffs are friendly and Professional and I mean all, cause I've been to most of their office, Markham , Stouffville, North York, and Maple. Dr. Ko is very professional and patient. Whenever I have questions and concerns he would always reply me . I would say this this dental office take care of you all the way. I would highly recommend everyone to come here for any dental works. =)