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Why Is It Important to Get Teeth Cleaned?
10 January, 2019 Cosmetic Dentistry,

There are people who wouldn't dream of going six months without having their teeth cleaned. Others can't remember the last time they went in for a dental cleaning. Does it really matter if you have your teeth cleaned? Isn’t brushing and flossing ...

Why Do I Need a Dental Bridge?
2 January, 2019 Cosmetic Dentistry,

When you need to find the right replacement for a couple of missing teeth, don’t be surprised if your dentist recommends one of the four kinds of dental bridges. Along with dentures and dental implants, this solution is worth considering and may even be ...

What Are The Types of Dental Surgery?
12 December, 2018

While references to dental surgery may conjure up images of operating theatres and oral surgeons, there are a number of surgical procedures that are performed in dental offices and clinics. The nature of the dental issue will determine if the family dentist can manage the ...

What is a Dental Check Up Procedure?
12 December, 2018 General Dentistry,

Everyone should have at least one dental check-up per year. Far from being a quick look at the teeth, the typical checkup is designed to provide the basis for ensuring your teeth remain in the best possible condition. In the event an issue is identified ...

Teeth Whitening: Foods & Activities to Avoid to Reduce Stains on Teeth
14 November, 2018 Teeth Whitening,

Teeth whitening treatments have become a part of general dental care for many people. That’s not surprising since there are so many foods, beverages and activities which lead to the need for at least one or two Markham teeth whitening treatments annually. Have you ...

Emergency Dental Care: Seeing an Emergency Dentist Can Wind Up Saving You Thousands of Dollars
2 November, 2018 Emergency Dentistry Service,

There are times when some problem with the teeth can wait until the dentist can see you during normal business hours. At other times, it's in your best interests to seek help as quickly as possible. Choosing to seek help from one of the ...

What All-On-Four Implant Means Financially
28 September, 2018 Dental Implants,

All on Four is an implant solution that involves securing a custom-made dental plate in position with the use of four posts or implants and caps. This particular approach offers a number of benefits ranging from restoring the smile to being one of the fastest ...

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