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Due to today’s advancements in dental implant technology, we can now offer a permanent solution for patients who are fed up with ill-fitting dentures or who are about to lose their teeth. With our experienced team, we can restore your smile with fewer implants, with minimal discomfort, and for less cost than you may realize. Call to speak with a treatment co-ordinator today! We always offer a completely FREE, no obligation consultation for all implant and cosmetic dentistry inquiries.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our dentists have been completing All-On-4 procedures since 2004; they have helped over 100 satisfied clients to restore the look and function of their teeth
  • We have over 25 years experience in both cosmetic and implant dentistry
  • Our office offers flexible payment options; we can bill directly to your insurance
  • We ALWAYS offer a FREE, no obligation consultation ($150 Value) for all cosmetic or dental implant inquires

Achieve the beautiful smile you have always wanted — we can help you to achieve the most beautiful, natural looking smile & the confidence you deserve!


Smile with confidence and share it with the world, because that is what you deserve. The benefits of dental implants are all-encompassing, and here are just a few: /strong>

  • It is an affordable and permanent solution to enhancing the look and function of your teeth.
  • We can restore your teeth quickly, with minimal discomfort, and often in just one day, which reduces the number of dental visits and your overall downtime.
  • No long recovery times — you will be able to return to your regular activities - laugh, speak, smile and eat - the same day as the procedure.

By booking a free, no obligation consultation, our team will be able to give you a full run down of all details about the procedure, which includes everything to expect and to know before, during and after the surgery.

By coming in for a consultation, you can see if this procedure is right for you, and you can get a feel of our dental clinic and address any potential questions you may have to ensure that you are completely satisfied.

It is important to note that all patients receiving the All-on-4 implants are required to bring along a designated driver. It will take a few hours for the effects of the sedation to completely subside. Contact us today!

Request FREE No Obligation Consultation

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