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Dental Tooth Bridges

Dental Bridges

Our teeth work together to assist us in performing everyday functions like speaking and eating. This may sound quite obvious, but the fact is that many people only start to realize the importance of their teeth after loosing a tooth. People also tend to forget that missing teeth can not only affect their dental health but their appearance as well. This goes to show how important it is to have lost teeth replaced.

You can loose a tooth due to injury, medical conditions or natural causes. When you loose teeth, it is incredibly important that you visit your dentist to find out which options they can provide for replacing your missing teeth. A great solution for replacing a missing tooth is getting a perfectly fitted dental bridge.

Dental Bridges and Their Importance

Dental bridges can be used effectively for replacing your missing teeth and for literally providing a bridge that connects your teeth. The term “abutment teeth” refers to the teeth that are located next to the gap where your missing tooth used to be and the tooth that replaces the missing one is called the pontic.

Dental bridges can restore your natural smile and support your face shape. Moreover, bridges are designed to help you chew your food properly by making sure that your jaws close into the right position when you bite. This helps to ensure that your other teeth don’t drift apart.

Fixed bridges provide an ideal solution for restoring your smile. They offer numerous benefits. For instance, they eliminate spaces between your teeth to ensure perfect cosmetic results. Dental bridges can be helpful for any problems you may have with speaking or eating.

Another available option is removable bridges. You can take out these types of bridges, which can be convenient. However, fixed bridges offer more stability.

Dental bridges are especially designed to match the uniqueness of your natural teeth and they may be just what you need to achieve a vibrant, uniform smile. The end result is a fully functional restoration with cosmetic excellence.

Missing teeth don’t have to ruin your appearance or your dental health.

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Dental Tooth Bridges

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