How Do I Know All On Four Implants are Right For Me?

13 March, 2018 Dental Implants

When your dentist starts talking about possible replacements for your natural teeth, the question of what is all on four implants is sure to arise. With several options to consider, how do you know this one is really the best choice? Taking the time to consider these factors will help you make a decision that serves you well for a long time.

Start With the Preparation

How much advance dental work will be needed before the implants can be inserted? If most of your natural teeth are already gone, only a few more extractions will be necessary. Your dentist will want to assess the stability of the jaw bones and ensure they are sturdy enough to support the four implants. If there is any type of gum infection present, it must be resolved before the work can get underway. After determining what must be done before the implants can be put in place, you can decide if this is what you want to do, or if a different solution would be your preference.

Evaluate the Cost

Money is often a factor in determining what sort of alternative to real teeth will work best for now. You know that the all on four price is more than going with options like dentures, at least on the front end. In order to truly evaluate the cost, look beyond what you will pay now and consider the expenses that will follow.

Other options will require alterations, special cleaning agents, dental adhesives, and complete replacements in a relatively short period of time. All those expenses can add up to a tiny sum. When you consider those along with the initial price of options like dentures, they no longer seem to be as inexpensive as you originally thought. Over the next two to three decades, all on four implants may actually mean less out of pocket expense.

Think About Wearing Them Day After Day

Another reason why all on four makes sense is the way they feel. With the implants and the attached plate firmly in place, you don’t have to be concerned about anything slipping out of place. There is also not the rubbing against the gum that happens with dentures. While you are likely to be conscious of the implants and the plates for a few days, it won’t be long until you forget they are in. The same is rarely said about a set of dentures.

Consider What They Add to Your Appearance

A major all on four advantage is what they add to your appearance. Quite a bit of care is taken with the design of the plate attached to those implants. Everything from the shape of each tooth to the shading is managed with precision. Even proportion is important, since the last thing you want is for the plate to make your mouth seem to bulge.

What you end up with is a smile that looks perfectly natural all the time. No one will ever guess that those teeth are anything other than the real thing.

Explore all your options and feel free to ask your Markham Smile Centre dentists any questions that come to mind. Doing so ensures you make an informed decision about what will replace your natural teeth. Feeling comfortable with your choice also means you get to enjoy the results for a long time.