Missing a Tooth? A Dental Bridge May Be Your Answer!

8 December, 2017 Cosmetic Dentistry

Losing a tooth is not good on more than one level. Along with the gap that affects your smile, there’s also the gradual deterioration that the missing tooth can cause to the gums and the rest of your teeth. The Markham orthodontist recommends the installation of a dental bridge. If you choose this solution, here are some of the advantages you will enjoy.

Prevent Teeth From Shifting

Choosing to do nothing means that the teeth on either side of the gap will begin to shift. That leads to teeth that are crooked. It’s not just a matter of being unattractive; those crooked teeth will make it harder to chew properly.

The nice thing about dental bridges in Markham is that they fill in the gap and prevent the shifting from taking place. Thanks to the fact that the bridge design holds everything in place, the natural look of your teeth remains the same in the years to come.

You Can Speak Clearly and Chew With Ease

Have you ever wondered what role your teeth play in allowing you to speak clearly? The fact is that missing teeth do make it more difficult to enunciate. Depending on where the gap happens to be, the effect may be minimal or it may be very noticeable.

In either case, using a bridge to fill in the gap eliminates the problem. Once the work is completed, speaking clearly is once again a simple task. You’ll also find that the bridge makes it easier to chew on both sides of your mouth, something you often did before losing the tooth.

Avoid Bone Loss

Most dentists will tell you that gaps in the teeth cause a number of problems later on. One of those has to do with bone loss. You’ve heard how people who wear dentures often experience shifting jaw structures and a loss of one density over time. That’s because the teeth are no longer present to help maintain the proper contours.

Since you are missing a single tooth, a bridge will help prevent this from happening. By keeping the teeth on each side of the gap in position, there is very little potential for bone loss. The natural shape of your jaw will remain the same for many years to come.

A Permanent Solution

Dental bridges differ from dentures in that they are not intended to be removed every night. Your bridge is basically a false tooth along with a set of threw crowns. Each of those tooth crowns in Markham serve a purpose. Two of the crowns are placed on the teeth found on either side of the gap. The third crown is on the false tooth placed into the gap. When done correctly, the bridge fits perfectly into the space. You can brush it just like you do the rest of your teeth. There is nothing out of the ordinary that must be done to care for the bridge.

While there are several options for replacing missing teeth, dental bridges are among the most common and the most practical. Ask your dentist for more information about bridges, including what takes place during the two visits it usually takes to complete the work. Once you know what to expect and how well the bridge will serve you in the years to come, making the right decision will be easy.