4 Ways to Tell if Dental Implants Are Right For You

14 December, 2017 Dental Implants Care

Now that you know the last of your real teeth have to go, it’s necessary to decide what will take their place. After an examination, your dentist has determined that you are a candidate for both dentures and dental implants. How do you know which solution is right for you? Here are four tips that will help you make the right decision.

Keeping Your Dental Hygiene Simpler

Whether you choose implants or dentures, some adjustments to your daily dental hygiene will be necessary. The thing to remember is that taking care of dental implants is a lot like taking care of real teeth. You will still brush after you eat and still use some type of mouthwash from time to time. There is also the need to see your dentist for an annual checkup. Even at least one cleaning per year will still be part of the plan.

With dentures, you will need to take them out and soak them in a cleaning solution overnight. Before you insert them in the morning, they will need to be brushed and rinsed to remove any remaining residue. That includes making sure there is no traces of yesterday’s dental adhesive remaining before you apply fresh product. You’ll also need to see the dentist and have the denture plates altered as your jawline begins to shrink.

Seeking the Most Permanent Solution

It you ope for dentures, be prepared to replace them after five to seven years. Even with alterations, your jaw shape will eventually change so much that those old dentures will never fit again. Assuming you wear dentures for a quarter-century, that means purchase as many as four pairs. That can add up to a tidy investment.

With implants, there is very little chance you will ever need to replace them. Barring an accident or some health issue that causes bone deterioration, they will help keep your jawline from shifting or shrinking. You may need to replace a cap if it’s damaged, but that is much less costly than buying new dentures.

Avoiding Embarrassing Situations

The fact is that dentures can slip. Even when you use the best adhesive on the market, your teeth can still end up on the table when you are enjoying a meal with friends. It may not happen often, but you are sure to be embarrassed when it does.

Implants don’t slip out because they are firmly entrenched in the space once occupied by your natural teeth. Eat what you like and don’t worry about slippage.

Loving Your Smile

Some sets of dentures do look natural, with the exception of the line where they fit over the gums. People who smile broadly are more likely to display that line for all to see.

Implants don’t create lines. Even the caps fit right to the gum line and appear to be the real thing. Smile as much and as broadly as you like. No one will know your teeth are anything other than natural.

Talk with the team at Markham Smile Centre today and learn more about dental implants. What you hear will help you make the best choice.