5 Ways Life Will Be Better After Your Markham Cosmetic Dentist Installs Those New Implants

14 June, 2018

It took you some time to contact the Markham cosmetic dentist and undergo an examination. Fortunately, you are a prime candidate for dental implants. With no advance procedures necessary, all that’s left is to remove those few remaining teeth and decide whether you want to go with individual implants or the newer All of Four solution. Whatever you decide, you have a lot to look forward to once the work is done. Here are five of the ways that cosmetic dentists remind their patients things will be better once the implants are in place.

The Pain is Gone

When you arrived at the dental clinic, there was still a fair amount of discomfort. Your remaining teeth were not in great shape and they caused pain any time you tried to drink something cold. One of the first things you will notice is that the implants don’t trigger any discomfort. After the slight swelling from the procedure subsides, your mouth will feel better than it has in years.

Many cosmetic dentists point out that getting rid of the pain is one of the side benefits that patients don’t consider immediately. It’s only when they realize the discomfort is gone and they can consume whatever they like that the reality of how good they feel becomes apparent. If you are tired of the constant aching sensation in your mouth, get ready to enjoy pain free days for the first time in years.

You Can Chew Again!

How many foods have you given up because they hurt your teeth? It’s not unusual for cosmetic dentists to find out that patients who come in for implants have gone without some of their favourites for years. Once the Markham cosmetic dentist completes the procedure and the healing is finished, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to chew again. That paves the way for enjoying some of the things you’ve been missing for the last several years.

Pronouncing Words Correctly is Easier

Was there a time when you felt free to speak in front of a group? Since your teeth began to fail, remaining on the fringes of a conversation has become more of the norm. It’s not just the way your remaining teeth look; it’s also the fact that it’s harder to pronounce some words since losing quite a few teeth. Cosmetic dentists will confirm that once your implants are in position, it will be possible to say those words clearly once more.

You are likely to notice a difference immediately after the Stouffville cosmetic dentist finishes the procedure and you are allowed to return home. At first, the improvement in your speech may be subtle. As you begin to try words that were avoided for so long, they come out perfectly. It will take some time to adjust, but being able to pronounce all those words again will feel natural in a week or so.

You Want to Smile More - And Do!

One of the really great things about getting implants is the impact on your smile. As your teeth worsened, you found fewer reasons to smile broadly. Instead, you would settle for a smile involving a pair of tight lips. Even when you wanted to laugh out loud, the condition of the teeth caused you to hold back.

After the Markham cosmetic dentist is finished, smiling will no longer be something to avoid. All it takes to make you break out into a smile is that first look at those perfectly proportioned upper and lower teeth. From that day forward, you will never feel self-conscious about smiling again.

You Feel Like Being Sociable Again

Did you realize how much your bad teeth affected your social life? It’s usually after the Stouffville cosmetic dentist has the implants in place that you begin to think of all the parties and other social events you declined. Now that your smile looks great again, there is no reason to stay at home while others are having a good time. As your cosmetic dentist will tell you, it’s time to go wherever you like and do whatever you want without wondering if someone is repulsed by your teeth.

Choosing to call the dental clinic and make an appointment with a cosmetic dentist is one of the best things you could do for yourself. Find out if implants are for you and explore each of the options with a professional. You’ll be amazed at what a difference they make in your life.