7 Warning Signs You May Need Dental Implants

5 May, 2018 Dental Implants

Making the right choice when your real teeth are failing is important. That’s because the function and appearance of your teeth affect your confidence, your social life, and a lot more. There’s a good chance that dental implants are the right solution for you. If any of these seven signs apply to you, talking to your dental professional about implants is a good idea.

You Have Multiple Missing Teeth

Over time, you’ve already lost several teeth. Perhaps bridges or partials were enough at first, but they no longer provide the benefits you want. Instead of settling for yet another lesser option, go ahead and look into the idea of implants. You may even decide to get rid of any teeth that are remaining and go with something like the all on four solution.

Several Teeth are Loose

Loose teeth can come about as the result of a fall or some other traumatic injury. If it seems that your natural teeth will not settle back into position, that can make tasks like eating difficult. You could also eventually lose those teeth anyway. Why not talk with an expert about the benefits of undergoing dental implant surgery now?In the long run, this solution could save you a lot of discomfort, problems with infections, and awkward moments.

Your Teeth are in Generally Poor Condition

There’s no getting around the fact that you have multiple dental issues. There are cracked teeth, teeth with chipped areas, cavities that need filling, and a lot of missing enamel. While you could spend a fortune attempting to restore your real teeth, the results would be mixed at best.

In this scenario, opting for a full set of implants makes a lot of sense. You do away with all the dental issues that you are currently facing, and end up with a beautiful set of teeth. In fact, you may find it easier to relax and smile in social situations than you have in several years.

Dentures are Leaving You With a Sunken Face

Before things can get any worse, it pays to look into what implants will accomplish. They can’t necessarily undo what has already occurred, but they can prevent things from getting worse. That’t because the implants basically fill in the space once occupied by the roots of your real teeth. Once they are in place and caps are attached to each one, you’ll love the way your smile looks and not have to worry about more shrinking.

Youre Tired of Trying to Wear Dentures

Perhaps you haven’t had to deal with a sunken face just yet, but you hate all the work that goes into wearing dentures. The adhesives, the cleaning process, and how they feel make them a less than desirable solution. Much of what you don’t like goes away once you have implants.

The Dentures Fell Out One Time Too Many

The final straw was when you were out with friends and a denture plate fell right into your food. While you quickly got it back in position, the evening was ruined. If you get into individual or all on four implants, incidents like that will never happen again.

You Have Trouble Chewing

Chewing with bad teeth or even dentures is not the most pleasant experience in the world. Some foods you have to avoid, even though you love them. Once you get implants, chewing is not a chore any longer. You actually get to enjoy your food again.

Why wait any longer? Talk with your dentist about dental implants in Markham today. Once they are in place, life will be a lot better.