What All-On-Four Implant Means Financially

28 September, 2018 Dental Implants

All on Four is an implant solution that involves securing a custom-made dental plate in position with the use of four posts or implants and caps. This particular approach offers a number of benefits ranging from restoring the smile to being one of the fastest and most reliable ways to deal with the loss of your natural teeth. There are also financial benefits related to the all on four implants. Here are some examples of what choosing this solution will mean financially.

Fewer Visits to Prepare and Install the Implants

Traditional implants can take weeks or even months to complete. During that time, there are travel expenses incurred as you go to and from your appointments. The additional wear and tear on your vehicle, the cost of taking public transport, and even paying for fuel to keep your vehicle on the road can add up to quite a tidy sum.

With the All on Four solution, there is usually a visit to confirm you are a candidate and to make proper preparations. The next visit is the actual installation of the implants and the attachment of a temporary plate. The third visit it to check the condition of the tissue around the implants and to attach the permanent plate. The amount of ancillary expenses is significant lower. In a sense, this approach begins to save you money even as the process is in progress.

Less Time Away From Work

Along with saving on transportation costs, those Markham All on Four implants will mean missing less time from work. Perhaps you do have personal days that you can draw on to cover the multiple appointments and the longer recovery periods associated with getting individual implants. There’s a good chance of exhausting those benefits and having to deal with a loss of income after that.

People with hourly jobs and only a limited number of personal or sick days to draw on will exhaust those benefits even faster. The loss of income could pose a serious threat to the household budget. Since the All on Four solution requires fewer visits and requires less recovery time, you won’t have to miss all those days at work. Save them for a later time when you really do need to take the time off.

Confidence That Could Be Helpful in Your Career

How often do your job responsibilities require you to interact with clients or the public in general? Especially for people who rely heavily on commissions as part of their income, looking your best and feeling good about your appearance is important. The confidence that you bring to the table when you feel good about the way you look increases the odds of going for that sale. In this sense, the All on Four implants equip you to generate a higher income.

It doesn’t stop there. Confidence in how you look is also key when you want to apply for a position that includes a higher base salary and a more lucrative commission plan. Thanks to the dental decisions you made, the willingness to go after what you want and improve your financial position are certainly better.

Lasting Results Translate into Few if Any Replacements

Have you thought about the expense associated with replacing dentures as the years pass? It’s true that any type of implant solution, including the All on 4 option, has an initial expense that is greater than dentures. What you should consider is what dentures will cost you in the years to come.

First, there’s the cost of replacement. Dentures are not designed to last forever. While there is a certain amount of modification you can do and get a few more years of use, they eventually must be replaced. By contrast, the plates attached to those four implants will last for decades. You may never need to replace them at all. Think of how many sets of dentures you won’t have to buy in the decades to come.

No Special Products to Buy

Some alternatives to natural teeth require the use of all sorts of special products. There are adhesives, cleaning compounds, and even products to help reduce the friction and tender spots that could develop on your gums. Over the years, the cost of these special products will add up to a significant amount.

The nice thing about going to a local All on Four service and choosing this solution is that you won’t have special products to buy in the years to come. You get to use many of the same products that you did when there were still real teeth present. That includes going in for annual checkups and having the plates cleaned. As long as you have a decent toothbrush and toothpaste in the house, you are all set.

Many Common Dental Issues Wont Happen

Another way that opting for Markham All on Four implants is that you no longer have to deal with a number of common dental problems. Certainly cavities will never be an issue again. The plates will remain properly positioned and strong, so there are no crooked teeth to straighten. No yellowing can take place, and there are no worries about enamel loss.

Even with dental insurance, these and other procedures will generate a significant amount of expense. When you consider the range of dental treatments you will never need, the initial expense of getting the four implants and the accompanying plates becomes all the more practical.

The bottom line is that opting for All on 4 implants is a wise move on several fronts. That includes financially. Before you make a final decision, arrange an exam with a local all on four service and confirm you are a candidate for this type of solution. Feel free to ask questions about what to expect in terms of performance, durability, and future costs. The answers you receive will put your mind at ease and help you see why so many people choose this alternative to natural teeth.