Keeping Your Teeth Healthy With Five Simple Essentials

5 May, 2018 Dental Care Tips

Your teeth are meant to last a lifetime, but that doesn’t happen all by itself. It takes effort on your part to keep those teeth in top shape. Make these five basics part of your ongoing dental hygiene routine and it will be a long time before there’s the need to think about replacing those natural teeth.

Brush After Meals

Many family dentists today recommend brushing after at least two meals a day. Go the extra mile and make it three times. While it may be a little difficult to work in brushing the teeth at the end of a lunch hour, the effort is worth it. Along with keeping the teeth clean, your breath is also fresher. That will come in handy if you are working closely with people for the rest of the day.

Choose the Right Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Brushing is great, but you need to use the right tools. An expert in family dentistry can recommend the best toothbrush for you. Factors like the texture of the bristles and the design of the toothbrush itself will impact the choice. The goal is to choose a design that allows you to thoroughly clean your teeth every time you use it.

The right toothpaste is important too. Perhaps you need one for sensitive teeth, or something that helps to protect the enamel. This is another area where your dentist can provide guidelines for selecting toothpaste that is right for you.

Dont Forget the Tongue

Many people don’t think about the tongue when they brush. Did you know that a lot of the residue that clings to the teeth can also cling to the tongue? Choosing to brush it as well gets rid of more residue and prevents it from depositing on the teeth. The result is less residue to cause problems for the teeth and gums.

Annual Exams are Your Friend

You need to see your Markham family dentist for a complete dental checkup every year. Even if you don’t seem to have any problems, that exam will determine if your teeth are in great shape or if there’s something that needs to be corrected. Remember that many dental issues have little to no outward signs at first. If a problem is caught by your dentist in the earliest stages, it can be resolved before a lot of damage is done.

Treat Yourself to at Least One Teeth Cleaning Each Year

Even people who are diligent with brushing and flossing need to have their teeth professionally cleaned at least once a year. Twice is not too often. The cleaning gets ride of residue that collects in between the teeth and along the gum line. While it may take some doing to fit the appointment into your schedule, concentrate on how fresh your mouth will feel once the cleaning is done. If that’s not enough, remember that what is removed during the cleaning can no longer contribute to the possibility of cavities developing.

Keeping your teeth healthy requires some dedication. Fortunately, most of what you should do is easy to manage. Develop responsible dental hygiene habits and you could have your natural teeth for the rest of your life.