Teeth Whitening: Foods & Activities to Avoid to Reduce Stains on Teeth

14 November, 2018 Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening treatments have become a part of general dental care for many people. That’s not surprising since there are so many foods, beverages and activities which lead to the need for at least one or two Markham teeth whitening treatments annually. Have you ever wondered how many things can cause the teeth to dull? Here are a few examples of foods and even activities that make professional teeth whitening a good idea.

Coffee and Tea

These two beverages are among the most common culprits when it comes to dulling the hue of your teeth. That’s because they are so popular. They’re also one of the primary reasons why people seek out professional teeth whitening.

By all means, enjoy your cup of coffee in the morning and have some hot or cold tea as the day goes on. Just remember that the tannic acid found in tea as well as other compounds in the coffee will stain the teeth over time. By opting for Markham teeth whitening at least once a year, you can restore the look of the teeth and still enjoy your favourite beverages.


Beets are considered a super food by some. It’s true they contain quite a few nutrients and are quite good for the body, cognition, and general mood. There are even some studies indicating they can help with controlling blood sugar levels.

They can also lead to a fair amount of teeth staining. Fortunately, choosing to undergo a dental cleaning once or twice a year will allow you to get rid of any staining the beets may cause. You can continue to include beets in your salads, as a side dish, and even in a healthy beet root smoothie. Just remember to brush after meals and go in for a teeth whitening session or two when necessary.

Hard Candies

The thing about hard candies is that they linger in the mouth for a longer period of time. As the candy slowly dissolves, there’s more going on than those bursts of flavour. The dyes used in the candies are also slowly staining your teeth. Over time, you’ll need to think about undergoing a dental cleaning even as you have a checkup to make sure the sugar content has not led to the development of a cavity.

Fortunately, the right approach to Markham teeth whitening will help reverse the effect. After a few treatments, your teeth will be a healthy hue of white again.

Not Brushing After Meals

Generations past were often told to brush after every meal. Not everyone carried that habit into their adult years. The result is that residue from a meal or snack remains on the teeth for hours. depending on what you had to eat and how often you skip brushing, the natural shade of your teeth will become somewhat yellowed over time. That makes you a prime candidate for a Markham teeth whitening.

Your best bet is to get back into the habit of brushing after each meal. Keep a toothbrush and some toothpaste in your desk drawer or tucked into your laptop bag. Remember that it doesn’t take that long to brush your teeth. Along with minimizing the potential for dull looking teeth, you will get to enjoy that fresh sensation that results from brushing for hours.This approach will likely mean that you only need a teeth whitening treatment or two every couple of years.

Red Wine

Antioxidants and rich flavours are two of the benefits you reap by having a glass of red wine now and then. As good as the wine happens to be, it can stain the teeth. Brushing definitely helps, but you may still find yourself in need of a dental cleaning if you like to have a little wine each day.

Instead of using over the counter products, treat yourself to a professional teeth whitening. The results will appear faster and the dentist can check the condition of the tooth enamel at the same time.

Not Rinsing After Meals

If you do find yourself in a situation where brushing is not possible, at least try to rinse your teeth. Using a little water and swishing it vigorously before spitting it out is not as good as brushing, but it does help. Some say that it will remove at least half of the residue clinging to your teeth and gums.

Since residue lingering on the teeth will lead to yellowing, it makes sense to do whatever you can to get rid of it. It’s true that rinsing alone will not prevent the need for periodic Markham teeth whitening, but it will ensure that you need the treatment less frequently.

Tomato Juice and Tomato-Based Dishes

So many dishes and beverages contain tomatoes in some form. As healthy as they happen to be, tomato-based products can reduce the brightness of your teeth. There’s also the fact that tomatoes are acidic and could create problems with the enamel as the years pass.

Along with brushing regularly, it makes sense to undergo a round or two of teeth whitening once a year. Doing so will ensure that your love of sauces, beverages, and foods that contain tomatoes will not leave your teeth looking discolored.


Did you know there is such a thing as overbrushing? It’s true that brushing for too long and in a less than efficient manner can cause more harm to your teeth than good. That’s because you miss key spots that pave the way for discoloration as well as other dental issues.

Talk with your dentist about how to brush properly and get an idea of how much brushing is too much. While you’re at it, plan on having a dental cleaning based on the schedule recommended by your dentist. In the long run, your teeth will look better and remain healthier.


Nothing beats a good curry now and then. Unfortunately, the spices that go into these dishes do more than add a lot of flavour. They can also cause stains to develop on the teeth. That’s why you want to brush after meals and plan on having a Markham teeth whitening from time to time. You still get to enjoy your favorite curry even as you ensure your smile remains brilliant.

When was the last time you had a professional dental cleaning? If you can’t remember, now is the time to call your dentist and arrange for one. The treatments will not take that long and you’ll love the results.

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