3 Ways to Prepare for Dental Procedures That Require Sedation

6 November, 2017 Cosmetic Dentistry

While being fully awake for some dental procedures are fine, there are times when the patient must be sedated. If you need dental work done and it will call for sedation, don’t worry. The team will monitor you closely during and for a time after the procedure. You can help by using these three tips to prepare for your procedure.

Go Over Your Medications With the Dentist In Advance

There are medications that can interact with the sedation and not in a good way. This is particularly true if you are currently taking medication to manage a condition like an anxiety disorder. Essentially, any prescription medication or over the counter product that tends to make you drowsy should be avoided at least the day of the procedure.

Your dentist can help you review your list of medications and supplements. That makes it possible to determine what is safe for you to take prior to the procedure and what you should only take after the sedation completely wears off.

Arrange for Someone to Drive You To and From the Appointment

You are fully alert before the procedure but that will not be the case once the work is completed. The team will keep you on hand until it’s safe for you to leave the office, but that doesn’t mean your senses are sharp enough to operate a motor vehicle. In fact, you may need to avoid driving for the rest of the day.

Ask a friend or relative to take care of the driving. The loved one can go along and wait while the procedure is completed. Once the staff releases you, the other party can drive you home, pick up any pain prescriptions the dentist has ordered, and in general make sure you are comfortable while the lingering effects of the sedation fade away.

Allow Time to Rest After the Procedure

Part of the reason for taking it easy after your dental procedure has to do with not placing any stress on your teeth and gums. The body will need a little time to begin healing, especially in the hours after the work is done.

Along with helping your body to begin healing, there is also the matter of providing time for the residual effects of the sedation to fade. During the hours after the work is completed, feel free to enjoy a nap, watch television, or listen to music. As long as you keep your head elevated and don’t try to take on tasks that require concentration, you will be fine.

There may be a few other suggestions that the dentist will make, based on your particular situation. You will find plenty of resources at Markhamsmilecentre.ca to help prepare for your procedure. There are also tips for taking care of yourself in the days after the dental work is complete. Remember that the staff is never more than a phone call away if you have a question or concern about how well you are healing.