Dr. Guorgui: Expert Stomatologist Dedicated to Quality Dental Care

Dr. Amir Guorgui
Dr. Amir Guorgui

Why Dentistry?

Dr. Guorgui's passion for dentistry stems from his desire to positively impact people's lives by improving their oral health and smiles. His commitment to delivering high-quality dental care is evident in his extensive education, specialized training, and dedication to staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in the field.


Dr. Guorgui embarked on his dental journey at the prestigious University of Montreal, where he earned his Doctor of Medical Dentistry degree in 2001. His education provided him with a solid foundation in the principles and practices of dentistry, enabling him to deliver comprehensive care to his patients.

Specializations and Services

With a strong focus on continuing education, Dr. Guorgui has expanded his expertise in various areas of dentistry. He completed a residency program at the esteemed New York Hospital of Queens in New York City, where he trained under renowned leaders in the dental field. This invaluable experience honed his skills in dental surgery, sedation techniques, and implantology.

Dr. Guorgui's dedication to excellence has earned him several notable achievements and recognitions. He is a recipient of the Canadian Governor General's Academic Medal, a prestigious honor awarded to individuals who demonstrate exceptional academic achievements. Furthermore, he has earned a Mastership designation at the College of Sedation, making him one of the few Canadian dentists with this esteemed title. His exceptional skill in dental implants has also been acknowledged, as he has been granted fellowship status by the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI).

As a highly skilled stomatologist, Dr. Guorgui offers his patients a wide range of services. Whether performing complex dental surgeries, providing gentle sedation techniques for anxious patients, or expertly placing dental implants, he ensures that each individual receives personalized and compassionate care.

Dr. Guorgui's patients can trust that they are in capable hands as he combines his extensive knowledge, technical expertise, and genuine care to deliver exceptional dental experiences. Through his meticulous approach and commitment to continuous learning, he aims to help his patients achieve optimal oral health and beautiful smiles that last a lifetime.

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Dr. Guorgui is fantastic, and I am delighted with the care I received. His expertise and dedication to providing high-quality dental services are evident. I felt at ease throughout my dental procedure. I highly recommend Dr. Guorgui to anyone looking for a skilled and caring dentist.

I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Guorgui as my dentist. His commitment to providing the best dental care is commendable. He took the time to understand my dental concerns and provided me with practical solutions. I felt confident in his abilities, and I am pleased with the outcome. Dr. Guorgui is a top-notch dentist, and I highly recommend him.

Dr. Guorgui is an outstanding dentist who truly cares about his patients. He is attentive, knowledgeable, and took the time to address all my questions and concerns. I appreciate his dedication to staying updated with the latest dental practices, and I trust him with my dental health.

Highly recommended! Dr. Guorgui is a skilled and compassionate dentist. I am impressed with his commitment to providing high-quality dental services. I am grateful for the care he provided during my procedure. Dr. Guorgui's dedication to his profession makes him an excellent dentist.

Dr. Guorgui is fantastic! He made my dental visit comfortable and stress-free. I am grateful for the care he provided during my procedure. Dr. Guorgui's expertise and friendly demeanor make him an excellent choice for dental care.

I had a positive experience with Dr. Guorgui as my dentist. He took the time to explain my treatment options and made me feel at ease. Dr. Guorgui's expertise and friendly demeanor make him an excellent choice for dental care.

Dr. Guorgui is a highly skilled and caring dentist. He made sure I was comfortable throughout my dental procedure and provided me with excellent care. I am pleased with the results and highly recommend Dr. Guorgui to anyone seeking a reliable and skilled dentist.

I highly recommend Dr. Guorgui for his exceptional dental expertise and patient care. I felt confident in his care and am satisfied with my dental treatment.