Emergency Dental Care: Seeing an Emergency Dentist Can Wind Up Saving You Thousands of Dollars

2 November, 2018 Emergency Dentistry Service

There are times when some problem with the teeth can wait until the dentist can see you during normal business hours. At other times, it's in your best interests to seek help as quickly as possible. Choosing to seek help from one of the emergency dentists in the area can end up saving quite a bit of money as well as allowing you to get relief sooner. Here are some of the things you should know about emergency dental care and why it makes sense from a financial point of view.

You Spend Less on Over the Counter Pain Medication

You may think that the dental issue that happens on Saturday can wait until Monday morning. The problem is that you have to get by until the dental clinic opens in a couple of days. How will you deal with the pain and inflammation in the meantime?

You can end up spending quite a bit of money on anti-inflammatory products as well as ice packs and other devices designed to ease the pain. While that’s great, they may or may not provide much relief. Your best bet is to seek emergency dental treatment now and see what can be done.

Rest assured that emergency dentists understand that tooth damage resulting from a fall or some other type of accident can be severe. They will make arrangements to see you as quickly as possible. In the interim, the dentist will likely provide a few suggestions on how to manage the problem while you are on the way to the clinic. That will keep the expense associated with trying solutions that are only marginally effective at best to a minimum.

You Avoid The Expense That Results From Trying Home Remedies

There are all sorts of home remedies designed to do everything from reducing swelling to easing pain to stopping bleeding. Some of them may help ease some of the symptoms of an emergency, but they do little to nothing to treat the underlying problem. For example, you might be able to use some sort of herbal rub to ease the pain associated with a broken tooth, but it does nothing to repair the tooth proper.

Emergency dentists have the resources on hand to deal with whatever has happened to your teeth. It’s not just about easing the pain; the primary goal is to repair the damage. Choosing to seek emergency dentistry after some sort of accident or other unfortunate incident means not wasting time or money on home remedies that might make you feel a little better but ultimately do not address the underlying issue.

You Dont End Up Missing Work

Have you ever tried to do your job when a gum is swollen or you have one or more teeth that are severely damaged? It’s difficult to concentrate on what you are doing. In fact, there’s not much point in going into work since you won’t be able to focus on your tasks and get anything done. There’s simply too much discomfort.

Choosing to seek emergency dental care after your teeth are damaged actually reduces the potential for having to stay home from work. This is especially important for people with jobs that do not offer any type of sick leave or cover the time missed with some sort of compensation. When you decide to seek an emergency dental treatment now instead of toughing it out, you avoid having to miss time at work and end up with less pay for the week.

You Can Sleep Easier

Sleep is important to your general well-being. Trying to sleep when you have significant tooth damage is difficult at best. You may be able to catch a little sleep here and there, but it’s not enough. You still end up feeling tired, irritable, and unable to focus. That could make things at work a little difficult. Certainly that’s not a good thing if you work on a commission basis and need to stay focused in order to make those sales.

A better solution is to seek help from one of the emergency dentists in town. By undergoing some form of emergency dentistry as quickly as possible, you stand a better chance of easing the pain and being able to enjoy truly recuperative sleep. That in turn means you will be more focused and able to get things done the following day.

A Bad Situation Doesnt Have the Chance to Get Worse

Seeking emergency dental care immediately after the injury or incident does more than get rid of the pain. It also minimizes the chances for the underlying issue to get any worse. What may be a serious condition on Saturday has the potential to be more severe by the time Monday morning rolls around. Instead of a relatively simple treatment, you end up with a complex solution that has to address additional infections, more damage to the teeth and nerve endings, and even compensate for additional damage to gum tissue.

All these additional treatments lead to more expense. Even if you have some sort of dental coverage, there is still the potential for more out of pocket expense. Seek an emergency dental treatment immediately, and the situation doesn’t have time to get worse. The expense that you incur by seeking emergency dentistry today will pale in comparison to what you may have to pay by allowing the situation to get progressively worse over the next few days.

You Avoid Long-Term Complications

Not all of the issues connected with a dental emergency will be apparent at first. It’s possible to have some sort of treatment that appears to take care of everything, then end up with a complication arising a couple of months down the road. That’s certainly true if you choose to not seek emergency dentistry soon after the problem arises.

You can minimize the need for additional treatment by seeing one of the emergency dentists around town as quickly as possible. That in turn means lessening the odds of needing to go back one or two months later because a delayed complication finally appeared.

You Minimize the Chance for Other Dental Issues to Develop

Choosing to not seek emergency dental care can increase the odds of other dental issues developing later on. It’s not just about problems that show up a month or two later and are directly associated with the emergency. It’s also the fact that some emergency dental issues can increase the odds for other problems developing later on. When that happens, you’ll wish that you had sought emergency dentistry instead of letting things ride.

For example, delaying treatment for a broken tooth increases the risk of tooth decay. It could be a year or two before the decay starts to appear, but at that time you may need a filling plus a veneer and cap to save the tooth. Wait long enough and the tooth will have to be extracted and replaced with an implant. You could avoid the expense of those dental problems if you have the emergency dental treatment now.

The bottom line is that delaying emergency dental care is not a smart move. Don’t assume that your issue doesn’t constitute an emergency. Call one of the emergency dentists in the area and talk about what’s happening. You can bet that the dental professional will know if an emergency dental treatment is in order or if it’s possible to wait until the office opens up tomorrow morning.